Life is Unscripted

Do you know someone who has a toxic personality?

You never know where your travels take you…

You have encountered them. Perhaps you even live with one.  There are high conflict personalities that we encounter on a regular basis.  Maybe it is a family member, your spouse or a colleague in the workplace…hey, even the cashier at the store.

Not that long ago, I found myself in a very dangerous situation.

Thought I was with the love of my life and my “forever.” Well, as they say, “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.” Sure enough, that is what I was in. Promises of a false future, gaslighting, isolation, cognitive dissonance, flying monkeys. Plus the abuse and torture.

I had a small window of time to run for my life. With a bag and $68, I ran. Far.

I was able to secure a placement in a domestic violence shelter. Finally I feel safe.

During this time, I realized I was raised to be, what I call, a “Predator Magnet”.

My mother is personality disordered, my ex-husband is a diagnosed narcissist and the man I ran from is also toxic and is classic NSP borderline personality disordered.

While I have “parked” the RVing Around in “storage”, I have been documenting, podcasting and writing about these latest adventures.

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