Adirondack Mountain Club – Eastern Trails (Lake George, NY: AMC, Inc., 2012)

Lake George and the surrounding area has been our go-to hiking destination. With about 2.5 million acres in the Adirondack Park, there is always something new to see and experience. One thing is for sure – it is easy to get lost in this wast area. Make sure you have great boots, lots of water and a stash of protein for the day hike. Also, we never head out without bringing our Adirondack Mountain Club books and maps on the trails. Be sure to read the introduction if you are new to this region.

I love ADK

There are so many hikes and trails to choose from.  This book alone lists 136, however several referenced have multiple trails, such as Moreau Lake State Park (also check out MLSP here: Hike #113).  We spent time on several of the hikes listed in the “West of the Northway” section.  We followed the listed hikes in the book:

  • SHORT HIKE:  Hadley Mountain.  Great climb with Wow! views.
  • MODERATE HIKE:  Round Pond from Garnet Lake.  Quiet & Relaxing – did not see anyone the day we went.
  • HARDER HIKE: Wilcox Lake.  Longer walk with amazing scenery.

So much acreage and not as much time.  So, let’s continue the discussion and share some of your favorite places in the ADKs.

QUESTION:  What are your favorite hikes in the Adirondacks?  Comment below the recommended books shared from other ADK hikers…