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Telephone Service via Internet

We were asked about what phone service we use. Our landline number was ported over to the Internet for a phone service. Here is a selection of Ooma Productsthat you can use for this service. Drop us a note for more details on how to use the Internet for your phone line. LOVE saving the $$$!

BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media

Baby Boomers TOTALLY Know Tech!

Don’t be fooled, parents and grandparents know way more about tech than many millennials!  Just because they don’t text at the speed of light, does not mean they are not rockin’ it.  We have met many Baby Boomers who have a deep desire to be savvy and knowledgeable with tech gadgets – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessibility to movies & tv shows.  This week, we met a couple from Minnesota who blew us away with their gadgets.  Not to mention, their people skills are second to none.  After spending less than three hours together, we have said, “BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!”

Before we get into Streaming Media, let’s get an idea where it fits in.  Right now, consumers mostly get their television and movies from various sources:  basic cable, premium cable channels, satellite providers, digital cable, and don’t forget the old-fashioned antenna on the house too!  With the exception of the antenna on the house, the other options carry fees for accessibility.  In many cases, SIGNIFICANT fees.  By the time you compile your services, sign up for a ‘package,’ then have taxes and fees…most households are paying over $100 a month for service.  Several households are paying closer to $200 a month for their television and related services.  Surely you have noticed fees keep increasing as well, and with static incomes, something has gotta give.  Again, excited to talk more about BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!

Ok, so what the heck is Streaming Media you ask…Streaming Media (such as G-Box Q List )is video and audio that is sent over the internet and can be played immediately.  In plain English:  If you have TV shows or movies you want to watch, you do not need to get cable, go to a movie theater or subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, you can do it ALL on your television!  Yes, you read that right – sit back in your recliner and enjoy any show you want to see.  Silent pictures from the 20’s & 30’s, Classic Disney, or the current season of Mountain Monsters. Its all just a click or few away!  Yep – BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media is about to happen!

Q:Why is the Matricom G-Box Q is PERFECT for RVers?

A: When on the road, you can stream your favorite shows from your library – and episodes are added right after they are aired.  PLUS, there are 2 USB ports.  One for a wireless mouse or keyboard and use the other one for an external flash drive.  (Download your shows/movies to watch when there is NO INTERNET available.)  The USB feature was the icing on the cake for us!

Let us introduce you to Russ & Bernie.  They are saving people THOUSANDS of dollars and providing MILLIONS of smiles with their passion and interest in movies and television programming.  Russ and Bernie introduced us to Streaming Media this week and we are hooked!  (Luckily, the weather is frigid so we are stuck inside on the couch!)  Honestly, there is not enough time in the day or minutes in our lives to watch what is available online.  Fortunately with the expertise of Russ and Bernie, we spent just a few hours, invested under $200 and voila!  Called DISH and said BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!

As I am typing this – Sparky just finished watching Santa Claus The Movie and now has found Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast, the entire collection, too.  (This is sold by TimeLife for $249!)

What Russ and Bernie shared is the Matricom G-Box Q.  It is a black box that can fit in your pocket and wherever you go.  RV, camper, beach house, neighbor’s, etc…all you need is access to the Internet.  Yep, that’s it – G Box and Internet – gets you access to the world of entertainment.  Now for the best part of this deal – the BEST part is Russ and Bernie.  “What do you mean?” you ask…

Matricom G Box - call Russ and Bernie @ 406-270-0855 or email to russelllamkin@yahoo.com

Matricom G-Box Q – call Russ and Bernie @ 406-270-0855 or russelllamkin@yahoo.com

Honestly, you can go to Amazon and get a Matricom G-Box Q for about $150.  With that $150, we could get the Matricom G-Box Q, basic instructions and HOURS of frustration, headaches and arguing with Sparky.  With that, we might be lucky to have access to a movie and some mediocre show or two.  HOWEVER, DO NOT BUY A G BOX FROM ANYWHERE BUT RUSS & BERNIE!!!  See, most of us do not have the skills or patience to hook this up and get it working right.  Russ and Bernie have been there and done that.  Not only did they configure it for us, they are just a phone call or text away for tech support.  Seriously!  These two are AWESOME!  PLUS, if you purchase the Matricom G-Box Q on Amazon, you have 30 days to return it.  If it stops working, and you bought it from Russ & Bernie, they will replace it with no questions asked.  So often, it is best to buy from a “Ma & Pa” then a big business.  Relationships matter and Russ & Bernie make you their priority!

If you are interested in learning more about the G Box, you can contact Russ & Bernie at:  406-270-0855 or russelllamkin@yahoo.com.  Let them know that RVingAround sent you!  Also, here are some add-ons that Russ and Bernie have recommended – just click on the pictures for ordering information:


Logitech wireless mouse

Logitech Wireless Mouse

logitech k400 plus keyboard

Logitech K 400 Plus Keyboard

Matricom G-Box Q

Matricom G-Box Q


Not Making Any New Year’s Resolutions

Looking at progress, not perfection

Only about 8% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions are successful.  That means by this time next year about 138 million of us will still have the weight we wanted to shed, the debt we pledged to pay down, and the bad habits we hoped to put behind us.  Obviously, the mindset we are in supports failure.  Instead of setting ourselves up for failure, we are supporting each other to make progress this year.

Ideal weight, positive relationships, debt-free living—they’re all attainable, but not if you set your resolutions the way most people do.  If you’re setting New Year’s Resolutions for 2016, there are at least ten ways you might be sabotaging your own success.  Take a look at this collection of New Year’s Resolution killers:

  1. “Glass Half Empty” thinking and words. The most important behavior is to think and say what you want.  When we focus on the broken part, failing, or the ‘can’t do’, then your New Year’s Resolution will never happen.  Name it then Believe it.How many times have we failed to lose weight, better our finances, or improve our most important relationships? Every time we fail, it’s as if we’re sure success is further away. And yet success is possible—and vital.Our health, wealth, and relationships matter. What we state as a resolution is obviously important to our wellbeing.We have to believe that improvement is possible. Once we get past our own doubts and truly believe that’s so, we can begin moving the right direction.  Say what you want out loud.
  2. Ignoring the past. Sometimes we just put ourselves in a corner because we ignore taking stock of where we have been. We have all had successes and failures in our lives – body size, debt totals, career and relationships.  Are you ready to ask yourself some questions and answer them honestly, so you can make meaningful progress?When was I able to (insert resolution here) in the past?  How do you feel when this happened? What went right? What went wrong?  What behavior changes do I need to make?  It’s only after we learn the lessons from the past that we can begin to plan a more fulfilled future.
  3. Let’s get real. Sometimes we have great goals, but they don’t really fit with our current reality.Maybe it’s a career goal that doesn’t mesh with our family life, or a personal goal that interferes with our professional responsibilities. Regardless of what it is, more friction brings less momentum.If we want to make progress, we have to make sure our goals align across the board.
  4. Staying wrapped up in our emotional cozy blanket. Most of us like to play it safe. Who wouldn’t? But when we set low expectation goals, we’re almost sure to fail.  It is easy to say, why bother or who cares.  Perhaps just forgetting about them all together.  So, keep out of the pool of 138 million.First, low expectation goals can’t energize and inspire us.  Think about the flywheel spinning in “Good to Great”.  If a goal doesn’t demand anything of you, it can’t drive anything in you.  aka Status Quo.Second, unchallenging goals don’t engage our creativity, resourcefulness, or persistence. And that means we don’t get far, no matter what goals we set. Only goals that take us outside our comfort zone enable us to rise to the occasion. The rest just leave us standing still.
  5. Avoiding deadlines. This relates to No. 4. Nothing makes us more uncomfortable than a deadline.Saying we’ll lose weight in the new year is different than saying we’ll lose a certain number of pounds by a certain date. That kind of specificity ups the ante. And it works for start dates as well as end dates. Think about your goal being specific and measurable. Saying, for instance, you’ll hire a personal trainer by x date removes your wiggle room. Whatever it is—quitting a job, joining a gym, writing a chapter—deadlines drive action.
  6. Set uninspiring goals. Sometimes we make resolutions that lack any intrinsic drive. Getting fit is great, but what if that by itself doesn’t sustain the necessary discipline?People do what they want. We have to want change and improvement in whatever area or we won’t do what’s necessary to get it. You know, ownership. And the research shows external rewards are fleeting. Without tapping into some deeper internal reward, we’re almost sure to flame out fast.
  7. Stay squishy. Most people make New Year’s resolutions like this:
    • Eat healthy
    • Exercise more
    • Spend more time with my family
    • Pay down my debt

    But here’s the problem. How do you know if you’re succeeding? Without any criteria to judge our progress, we’re less likely to make progress.

    If we want a goal that stand a chance of success we have to preload it with criteria we can measure. What does eating healthy actually look like? Or exercising more?  With the goal of shedding 20 pounds (measurement) we need to also target specific behaviors (changing food habits, time spent moving versus sitting).

    How much more time are you planning on spending with your spouse and when will this happen – date nights, daily morning coffee, daily evening wrap-up, etc? Same with debt or any other goal you are attempting to reach.

    If we can’t measure it, we can’t judge our progress. And when we can’t see how far we’ve come or how far we have to go, it’s easy to lose interest and quit.

  8. Go broad. The moment we get objective, we can feel boxed in. We sometimes like to leave things vague, don’t we? If we get clear on the target, we create the possibility of missing it.But, per No. 7, that not only means we’ll be unable to judge our progress, it also means we’ll miss the spur that comes with specificity.Which stands a better chance of completion: saying “I’ll exercise” or saying “I’ll go for a two mile walk every morning before breakfast”? “I’ll spend more time with my family” or “I’ll start preparing to leave the office each day at 4:45 p.m.”?  The more specific we get, the more likely we’ll know what to do and actually do it.
  9. Don’t worry about your motivation. Other times we set our goals but don’t really think through why they’re important to us.  Sure, getting fit matters. But why? Getting out of debt is desirable. But why? Improving our relationships is good. But why? When we’re not clear on the But why, it’s easy to lose our way.If we want to make progress in the areas that matter most, we have to connect with what’s at stake. What do we gain if we meet our goals? Just as important, what do we lose if we don’t?
  10. Stay satisfied with the right now. There are people who talk a good game but their behaviors keep them in the right now, with no progress.  Let’s face it, when we know where the bumps in the road are, we steer our car away from them.  Bumps can be challenging.  Like the bumpy road, our lives are filled with bumps and challenges.  The difference is that we need to often hit the life bumps to get better and stronger.  We learn, grow and change with some of the most troublesome circumstances.  Being forced to change the way we think, plan, operate or behave is a good thing.  Intentions create lists while Action creates momentum.  Trust me, as the Queen of list making, this is a critical first step for many of us.  but that’s it, the list is just the first step.  From the list, it is time to develop the second, third and forth steps – the action.  Get that flywheel spinning!  Share what you are doing with others so you have your own built-in accountability system.

If New Year’s Resolutions have been a bust for you in times past, you are in great company. But what if you could one work for you this year?  You set small goals all the time, but what about setting a big one that defines your 2016?

Success means going from:

  • Broad to Specific
  • Dream to Measurable
  • Lacking Challenge to Achievement
  • Activities to Results
  • Talking to Time Sensitive
  • Making meaningful progress toward the things that matter most is more than possible. It’sprobable if you know how.

    Question: What would it take to make 2016 your best year ever? Share your answer…