Let's Find Me A Job!

When you look for signs, you receive them.  This move in 41 days is meant to be.  This morning while cooking breakfast, I ran out of propane.  So, you know what that means…all the cooking will be done with counter top appliances.  A month of cooking with an electric skillet!

Today’s ‘Big Rock’ (for the fans of Steven Covey’s Habits of Highly Effective People) is to look into a website called, Workamper.

When I began the job search, I was focusing on virtual jobs.  From a reservation specialist with Hilton to training employees of Corporations.  Sounded promising however, the technology being consistent made me a bit nervous.  Not to mention, the idea of sitting in my RV all day married to my computer and phone did not sound so exciting.  Cubicle land all over again.

I want to job that compliments the RVing Around the US lifestyle.  That’s when I ran into the term: Workamper.

A Workamper is NOT:
1. A Retiree working in a campground
2. Someone who barters working for a campsite

Workamper is not in the dictionary however, it is listed in the US Patent and Trademark Office:

Workampers are adventuresome individuals and couples who have chosen a wonderful lifestyle that combines any kind of part-time or full-time work with RV camping. “WorkCamper” with a “C”, also a registered trademark, denotes RVers who volunteer for charitable organizations such as Habitat For Humanity or the Christian Ministry in National Parks.

Today is going to be spent looking over Workamper.com and conducting online searches for jobs that fit this lifestyle.  This is exciting!



Taking a Step - Nah! Taking a LEAP!

Well, we all know from first hand experiences, life can change in an instant. Too often we talk about or hear the stories about the moments are more problematic than celebratory. I am grateful for the good ones and I find it important, for sanity sake, to talk about and celebrate these daily (well, as often as possible!).  So, let’s begin the countdown!

Our life just changed today – and this change is cause for a celebration. We decided to take the step. You know, like Neil Armstrong step. Wait, I take that back – a LEAP! Yes, we are on the launch pad of our own Apollo mission.

Our countdown to RV living has officially begun. In 42 days, we will be full time RVers. Only 42 more days and our dream is reality. In 42 more days we will be the nomads, gypsies, adventurers we fantasied being later in life. Wow!, “Later In Life” is here. That was fast!

Where do we even begin?

So much to do but 42 days, approximately 6 weeks, is truly the sweet spot for a move. Right now, we are taking inventory and making a list of what needs to be done.

So far we are thinking:

    Throwing away old stuff
    New home base is in Florida, so we need to move big stuff there
    Will need to change what is in our RV – from ‘camping items’ to ‘home items’
    Here is a biggie: Where will we park the RV on April 1, 2016?
    How will I earn an income while living in an RV?
    The kids need to come and get what we have been storing for them
    The kids need to pick over what we want to get rid of before we donate it all

#1 for our adventures is enjoying family and friends-both old and new! #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt

Over the years, we have spent a great deal of time and money collecting things. Things like houses, cars, career titles, salaries, Longenberger Baskets, DVD’s, shoes, firearms, books and the list goes on and on.  Then, all of a sudden, one day we look around and realize this stuff just takes up too much space and energy. Stuff and clutter everywhere. These things have been weighing us down physically, emotionally and even spiritually so it’s time for an overhaul.

The stuff has got to go and make room for what really matters – relationships.

We are ditching most of what we own, to collect and nurture what we really hold sacred: Relationships. The relationships with family, friends and God. These are the most important to us.

Oh yeah, btw, we’ll still keep the firearms collection! The world is a crazy place these days!

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When you live in a small space, especially in an RV, every inch counts when it keeps to maintaining your sanity and having freedom to just simply live. When a tiny living space is cluttered, disorganized or dirty, we all feel tired, hopeless, and poor. Having a home that is clean and organized provides a sense of calm, health and wealth. To make this happen, I would like to share my daily chores when living in a small space.

Having a clean and organized home just doesn’t magically happen. It’s about developing a strategy and using tools of the trade. Since we are just coming off of Super Bowl 50, it’s our list of game plays and bags of equipment.

Some people purchase cleaners while others make their own. Similarly with tools – some people like to purchase special equipment, wands and rags. Others may just have a grocery bag near their dryer to toss in old items to re-purpose for cleaning. Tossed in this bag would be old t-shirts, socks, worn-out towels and washcloths.

Whatever your choices, let’s take a look at an action list that makes the best sparkle with minimal sacrifice of your precious time.

After waking up, drinking coffee, watching news, then getting dressed, it’s time for a healthy and hearty breakfast.

Once we finish our chow down, it is time to attack the house, taking special shots at any dusty tumbleweed that is thinking about formation. Once done with the Daily Chores aka “Tidy Tasks”, I am able and fully ready to really, yes really, start my day.

First, I grab my iPhone or iPad and set my Tomato Timer. 25 minutes….Ready…Set…Go! Working from the left side of the house to the right, here are the items to focus on…


  • Dishes
  • Coffee Pot
  • Small Appliances
  • Counter
  • Table
  • Floor
  • Rags


  • Blankets, Cushions, Pillows
  • Remotes
  • Launch Pad
  • Entertainment Center
  • Floor


  • Hang Towels & Washcloths
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Wipe Sink
  • Toilet Brush
  • Shake Rugs
  • Floor


  • Make Bed
  • Change Pillow Cases Every Other Day
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Clean Laundry
  • Wipe & Tidy One Flat Surface
  • Floor

21 minutes. That’s all Daily Chores took today. Our space is tidy, clean and organized so we can enjoy what the day brings. Next time, let’s talk about Daily Chores again, but the list for evenings.

QUESTION: What do you faithfully include on your morning chore list so that your living space is clean and organized?

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Triscuit Granola

Sweet Potato & Sea Salt Triscuits

When cruising through the cracker isle last week, I noticed some great sounding flavors on pretty yellow boxes.  Yes, I am visually distracted!  When I skimmed the various flavors, the sweet potato caught my eye.  Sure enough, when I looked at the back of the box, the recipe was one of obsession – granola.  The sale sealed the deal and I grabbed two boxes to run home and make some Triscuit Granola.  Of course, I could not just make the easy Triscuit Granola recipe on the back of the box.  It was in need of some revamp to accommodate my Reactive Hypoglycemia.  The nutrition label states 2g sugar and 2g protein.  Good info to know so that is why I cut back on the sweetener and added nuts/nut products.  Others who have this condition, remember to eat only small amounts and to also pair this Triscuit Granola with some protein.  Good choices are always beef jerky or slices of cheese.  If you have any allergies to what is listed, just substitute with a product you can use.  Enjoy!



1 Box Sweet Potato and Sea Salt Triscuit Crackers

1/2 cup Almond Meal
1/2 cup Slivered Almonds
2/3 cup Coarsely Chopped Pecans
1/2 cup Peanuts
1/2 cup Sunflower Seeds
1/2 cup Shredded Coconut

1 T Cinnamon
1/2 t Salt

1/2 – 1 cup dried fruits (Cherries, Cranberries, Blueberries, etc.)

1/2 cup Coconut Oil
1+1/2 T Vanilla
1/4 cup Honey
1/4 cup Maple Syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  2. Divide the box of Triscuit Crackers in half. With the first half, pulverize them with your food Processor. I get so many uses from my Cuisinart. With the second half, you will need to chop these up into small chunky, bite-size pieces. Either use a sharp knife or put these crackers into a large gallon baggie and hammer away. Keep them separated for now.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine: The pulverized Triscuit Crackers, almond meal, slivered almonds, chopped pecans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut. Mix to combine these dry ingredients.
  4. Sprinkle this dry mix with cinnamon & salt. Combine.
  5. Next, add in your dry fruits and the second half of Triscuit crackers that were chopped into bite-size pieces.
  6. In a large glass measuring cup (or your favorite microwave safe bowl) melt the coconut oil. When melted, add in the honey, maple syrup and finally the vanilla. Stir to combine.
  7. Pour the wet over the dry and combine with a large spoon.
  8. Spread evenly on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  9. Bake for 15 minutes. Mix the pieces around.
  10. Close the oven back up and bake 15 more minutes.
  11. Let cool and store in an air tight container. Enjoy!

QUESTION: How have you modified this recipe either for medical reasons or taste preferences?