Did You Ever Meet A Difficult Camper?

8 Tools For Your Toolbox

Weekends bring lots of people – and action. Holiday weekends are even more special. Occasionally, you may need to reach into your “People Skills Toolbox” for some strategies for dealing with difficult campers. Take a look at this video and see if there are any ideas you can use.

8 Tools for your “Difficult People” Toolbox, Include:

  1. Check-In Process
  2. Visibility
  3. Direct Talk
  4. Listening
  5. Body Language
  6. SHOE Moment
  7. People Watch – Influencers
  8. Don’t Resist

You can find the video on our YouTube page.  Just Click HERE.

QUESTION: What other strategies do you use if a camper is challenging you or co-workers? Answer below…

Happy Workampers = Happy Campgrounds & Parks

Happy Workampers

When I was starting up my business I really found myself strapped for time, money and ability to get some specialized tasks completed.  The two years was spent mostly learning and doing with minimum to no income.  The time was not as happy as I had imagined.

My start up savings barely got me through.  Also, many people with specialized skills and interests are not interested in short term employment.  As time passed, I found myself looking for temp jobs to make ends meet however, as tempting as the paycheck is I no longer had the stomach to work in a ‘corporate world’ environment.

Finding A New Path

After a few months of applying for jobs and struggling to make ends meet, I stumbled upon Workamping.  The heavens opened and angels sing instantly.  This is what I have been looking for!  To keep traveling, meet new people, have time to expand my business endeavors and meet some ‘normal’ people – what a blessing.

Workampers are great people, and one thing for sure is that when you have Happy Workampers you also have Happy Parks & Campgrounds.

Value-Added Living as a Workamper

  • There is a regular income
  • Wardrobe of comfy clothes
  • Continue to build my businesses
  • Work remotely while also belonging to a team
  • Have an incredibly flexible schedule
  • Talk to my family more now than when I used to work in an office
  • Downsized my stuff
  • Plus discovering more of living life daily…

It’s All About the Happy People

The other benefit would be the people I meet and talk with daily.  From the initial phone contact to the actual meet and greet, amazing guests come from all over our glorious country.

There are some real characters as well.  Each Workamper has an interesting story and unique path that connects us together.  This crew reminds me of a time long ago when I was in college.  A lifetime of stories, laughs and memories are made every day we spend together.

Workamp Team at RVW Relaxing After Our Family Style Meal

Workamp Team at RVW Relaxing After Our Family Style Meal

This Workamp team really loves to smile and laugh.  We get along while not getting in each other’s business.  So much tolerance and joy when we are together.  The owners also purchase extra food from the vendors so that we can break bread together regularly.  These guys treat the guests and us workers like royalty.  They have our loyalty and each one of us will go the extra mile for these young brothers’ success.

Some Reflective Thoughts

Think about your adventures in Workamping.  Both Workampers and Owners/Managers.  Is everything as you expected?  Is there a synergy among everyone or is the team just punching the clock?  What are the strengths and passions of each Workamper and are you (Owner/Manager) tapping into this great resource?  The culture and climate of any organization directly correlates to your bottom line.  Just think how much more money you could be bringing in just by focusing on the happiness and wellbeing of your team.

QUESTION: How do you contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of your Workamping Team?


How We Work From An RV

Tips to be More Productive

Until recently, we were living to work.  Our days were determined and scheduled around our employers.  Time schedules were predictable and it was easy to know the time to get up, when to have dinner, pay bills, run errands, and go to bed to do it all over the next day.  Weekends were filled with catching up on what we missed on our “To Do” lists and with the time left over, then we could relax.  Relax.  Hmmm.

Now, as we are working to live, we needed to create income around our lifestyle.  Let’s just be direct here.  This is not easy.  Especially when we need to break some old habits.  Honestly, at first, nothing was accomplised because we took advantage of the situation.  LEt’s face it, no one is watching when we show up or leave.  We put our watches in a drawer.  Procrastination and incomplete tasks run a muck.

Through our experiences, here are our HABITS to be productive while on the road.

1. On Sunday, Set Goals for the Week

Even though days often just blend in together while on the road, the rest of the world still operates in a traditional work week. This allows us to be mindful of our family & friends and their reality. It keeps us on track and on the pulse of what the date is. Heck, its good enough to know the month. Plus, as we move on to the next steps, we know where we have wiggle room and when we need to really focus.

2. Write Dates and Times on a Calendar

We tried scheduling our calendar verbally. No go. The places we visit and the great people we meet can trump our work too easily. There is something about writing times on a calendar – (tactile task), and seeing it daily – (visual indicator), that makes it real. When we see it, talk about it, hold each other accountable, only then does our work truly get done. This is a critical element to successful scheduling.

3. Calculate the Hours/Minutes

Everyone should love math! This is a no-brainer. If you are planning on setting aside 18 hours to accomplish your work, while relaxed on Sunday, you are probably pretty close for the amount of time needed. So, if you end up stopping at a cool location that you stumbled upon, well, then you need to plug your time in elsewhere. Hey, and if you get your work done in less time – Congratulations! More time to play!

4. Define Your Work Space

Sparky can just about work anywhere and at anytime. On the other hand, I need predictability, habit, and quiet (Sparky is trying to edit this to say – pure silence!). We struggled a bit with this environment at first. It’s getting better but still has a way to go. Can’t deny, we love the life we are living and get excited about our experiences. We chat and digress way too easily. Kind of like now…so, back to topic…

We work in three hour chunks with mini breaks. Then a big break after the three hours pass by. I ALWAYS sit in the same place to work. Kitchen table, right side, plug under the couch for my technology and a hot tea behind the left side of my laptop. Sparky, well, sometimes he is on the couch, outside at the picnic table, next to the fire pit or even propped up in bed. Find your space and be sure to claim it!

5. Revisit Your Goals on Sunday

So, you juggle your week.
• How did you do?
• What went well?
• What should have been handled differently?
This is our conversation at the end of the week. Reflection is key. We learn and grow together. I want to mention that even though we may answer these questions as the week progresses, we still visit this on Sunday. It is the conversation that happens before we goal set for the next week.

So, looks good and sounds good.  We are human so, we have learned to be flexible while on the road.  However, this is the foundation in which our income is built upon.  Without a strong base, the house crumbles.  If you are struggling with either working from your RV, or even working from home, your productivity needs to be built on a strong foundation.

Question: Have you ever struggled with a job where you determine your own schedule? If so, what strategies do you rely on so you get your work done? Share your answer below…