Save Space & Stop Hoarding Office Supplies

Throw Away The Yellowed Index Cards & Donate Those 300 Pencils

When we were downsizing and preparing to reside in our travel trailer full time, the amount of accumulated sicky notes was quite surprising.  Look, we all have our things we love.  And I really, really, really love sticky notes.  I never met a sticky note I didn’t love.  In fact, every room in our house had at least two stacks of sticky notes in some color, shape or size.  Yup, they are my thing.  And it was time to let some of them go.  I admit, here was some eye twitching and body shakes involved. With some time, very proud that I am well on the road to recovery from Sticky Notes Syndrome.

The original task at hand was to consolidate three rubbermaid totes of office supplies.  Fortunately, with kids taking classes, moving into new spaces and Goodwill, every extra supply, found new homes.  I even let go of some of my sticky notes, too!

The dilemma was to re-inventory what was saved. Then honestly ask if we needed to keep a full suitcase of supplies on hand.  Of course there is no need for a full suitcase of office supplies.  Guess it was time to face reality.

With 15 minutes, some baggies: snack, sandwich, quart and gallon, and a box – I am very proud of how I have been able to let go of even more stuff.

I also learned that I am well into my recovery phase of Sticky Notes Hoarding.

QUESTION: What do I do with my amount of supplies now that I no longer need a suitcase?  How do you keep your supplies together and organized?  Post your comments and pictures…