5 Recipes For Leftover Hot Dogs To Devour

Recipes that use leftover hot dogs

When unpacking the cooler after a weekend away camping, there usually is an assortment of various foods – some you save, some you toss in the garbage. With grocery prices high, we really can’t afford to toss edibles in the landfill or in the dog’s food bowl. Here is a collection of recipes that are sure to be a hit with any leftover hot dogs your crew does not finish. Oh, by the way, get rid of the ketchup and mustard garnish for these dishes – there are some really creative cooks that can gourmet leftover hot dogs with all sorts of basic ingredients I bet you have in the house already. Enjoy!

1. “Hot Dog Wontons” by MANtitlement

leftover hot dogs

Photo credit to mantitlement.com

Right out of the gate, I find a recipe that blows me away.  As if the pictures were not enough, Dan raves about bacon. And raves more and more about bacon.  Yup, I am a bacon junkie as well.  Now imagine having some friends over and serving these fussy little appetisers – from leftover hot dogs!  I can’t help but giggle a bit.  One more thing.  I do have a liking for wontons and fine motor skills.  When my kids were growing up, I would teach them how to use the chopper, read a recipe, and patience while they practice their fine motor skills by seaming together wontons.

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2. “Pigs in a Poncho” by BS’ in the Kitchen

leftover hot dogs

Photo Credit to bsinthekitchen.com

The tagline for this dynamic duo is “Because everyone needs a little BS.”  Yeah, true, and we get more BS by making this recipe.  BS is actually a brother and sister duo with a love for photography and food.  Their blog is super cute because it includes pics from their younger days.  Be prepared for their piggy noses greeting you when you load their site.  Again, just by looking at this picture you probably have these ingredients already.

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3. “Hot Dog Soup” by Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

leftover hot dogs

Photo credit to frugalanticsrecipes.com

I was not hungry until looking at this picture.  Yummy!  I bet you have everything in your house too.  The only ingredient you may need to buy would be cabbage.  Rest of the list is simply staple ingredients.  Quick, easy and delish.

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4. “Hot Dog Curry” by Sangeetha Subhash Menon

leftover hot dogs

Photo credit to kothiyavunu.com

I have always loved Indian food, especially curries.  The taste is great and the health benefits of turmeric are superb.  It should not be a surprise that a tasty curry can be prepared from you leftover hot dogs.  For those who have been adventurous in the kitchen, you probably have all the spices for this dish in your cabinet.  If you are new to Indian cuisine, a little goes a long way.  Think of your purchase of these additional spices as an investment in your future health and tasty meals.

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5. “Hot Dog Casserole” by Rock_Lobster

Photo credit to Rock_Lobster

Every list of recipes needs to include a casserole.  My go to site is Allrecipes.com.  There were about 20 hot dog casseroles to choose from and this one looks great and has super reviews.  This is another find that uses ingredients you most likely have on hand.  I looking up Rock_Lobster’s profile, she also maintains Rectangle Foods that is “one hungry gal’s quest to try as many protein, fiber, granola, energy, and meal-replacement bars as possible!”

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 Question: What other recipes would work with leftover hot dogs?


Best Camping and Hiking Foods

Focus on Healthy Living & Sugar Levels

When planning menus for the best camping and hiking foods, there are two major considerations that have become part of my DNA.  Maintaining a focus on healthy living and sugar levels are our non-negotiables. I (Darlin’) need to always be mindful of my sugar issues.  Specifically, I have Reactive Hypoglycemia and sugars are my worst enemy.  For those who do not know, RH is the exact opposite of diabetes.  In ‘normal’ people, if you pick your finger and test your blood with a glucometer, your number should be 80-120. Someone with diabetes may test their number and score 230.  If this is the case, they may take insulin or drink some orange juice to decrease their number to normal range.  Those of us with chronic RH have the opposite issue.  Our numbers drop below 80.  When this happens, you know it too.  In fact, ‘normal’ people may have experienced symptoms of hypoglycemia – like when someone becomes “hangry” when they have not eaten for a long time.  Our pancreas over produces insulin so having sugar would spike our glucometer number up but soon after crash it even lower.  Therefore, sugar is our enemy.  So, we need to focus on eating no/low sugar, high protein and veggies, with any carbs being the ones that are rich in protein.

Yep, our bodies are chemistry experiments.  So the recipes I save or create not only for hiking and camping, but everyday, are thoughtfully examined, chosen and planned.  Let’s start with the fact that I gravitate to Paleo sites for our meals.

My favorite Paleo Experts are:

  • Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple, This was the first and maybe the only website that I found when my doctor suggested I research “Paleo”. Great entry point to learning more.
  • Melissa Joulwan. Let’s just say, her Well Fed cookbooks are the best ever produced. You seriously need to check out her format and style. I really do not understand why more cookbook authors do not follow her style. She’s rockin’it! I have 5 cookbooks on my kitchen counter for easy access – Well Fed & Well Fed 2 are there. Honestly, during the week, when stuck on ‘what to make’ I go to these books first.
  • Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe. My friend Cathi introduced me to these two gurus via their Podcast: Balanced Bites. Listening to them feels like hanging out with two close friends. I totally fell in love with them both when went to their workshop at CrossFit in Rochester, NY a few years ago. Diane sat with me afterwards and we discussed RH at great length. Her passion for living a healthy life is genuine.

My best camping and hiking foods to include on a ‘camping-out’ menu would include smart planning & shopping (yes, I am one who needs to be very purposeful and focused for this one!), using organic/natural ingredients locally grown near our destination, with clever and unique serving ideas (I love planning with a theme in mind). Then I wake up and realize I must be off my rocker – these are ambitious plans even for the most organized over achiever. Then once reality sets in, aka budget and time, well…you will see what I mean in due time. So, here is a collection of foods to cook and enjoy while on the road or in the woods. Some are elaborate, some are full of shortcuts or cheaters, but the bottom line is they are not just edible or pretty to serve, but delicious too!

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