10 Reasons to Save $ from Cable/Satellite/DVD and get a Matricom G-Box

Over the weekend, I was passing through the music/DVD section of one of the big mega stores.  There was a woman looking for a DVD of, what I call, Old School Classic Roasts. You may have seen them displayed as infomercials – Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Johnny Carson, you get the idea of genre and time period.  There was also a teen looking for a VD of PBS’s Teletubbies for a gift.  Then there was a 20-something guy looking for John Wayne Movies.

Bad day for any DVD, I guess.  I was in that area long enough to witness that all three left empty handed.  I also happened to notice the price for Walking Dead, Season 6. $39.99!  Shut the Front Door!  No matter how desperate, there is NO WAY I would drop that amount of cash on a single season of a show.  EVEN for The Walking Dead, Sorry!  With all this said, So glad I spent $175 a while back and got a Matricom G-Box.  All the shows mentioned can be found and streamed immediately.  Yes, it’s true.

I guess I am trying to say I still LOVE my G-Box!  Any TV show or movie can be found on this wonderful little tech marvel.  All you need is an Internet connection and you are all set for a lifetime of viewing pleasure

G-Box is the world’s most popular Android IPTV set-top box for internet streaming, along with free movies, capable of receiving free TV, for all the sports fans there’s free sports not to forget international viewing by being compatible with free IPTV international broadcasts all running within the Android OS (Setup is required in XBMC/Kodi, based on your desire, to receive any free TV, movie, sports or international broadcasts. Matricom provides support only for legal streaming capabilities of the G-Box and will not assist with the setup of any XBMC or Kodi add-ons that are illegal in nature).

With over 1.5 million sold in the USA alone, G-Box has taken the lead as the best streaming solution for XBMC and Kodi using Android. G-Box is the most compatible streaming player for these open-source media centers that is available. The G-Box firmware has been developed specifically to work the best possible for streaming in XBMC whether it’s with live channels or one of the hundreds of available free XBMC add-ons. The G-Box firmware development team is second-to-none, providing the only true Android solution for both hardware and software, based right here in the good ole’ USA.

1. App Navigation Redefined

HUD Launcher UIThe new G-Box Q² UI has been designed to be as TV user-friendly as possible. All of your apps are now right at your fingertips, no matter what you’re already doing on your G-Box. No more fumbling around with a launcher and exiting your apps just to launch a new one. The HUD UI makes it a breeze to jump around from app to app without frustration, using only your remote.

2. Upgraded to BEST Android OS to Date

Android 5 LollipopThe G-Box Q² comes with the full, unrestricted version of Android 5 Lollipop. This means that most apps that work on your Android phone or tablet will work on your G-Box. Unlike all those basic streaming boxes on the market, G-Box allows you to install virtually any Android app easily and without fuss. We don’t believe in limits, neither should you.

3. Install your favorite apps with ease

AppsUnlike all those other steaming boxes you’ve probably already seen, the G-Box comes pre-loaded with the Google Play Store. This means you can install virtually any app on the G-Box that’s available for your phone or tablet. That’s over one million apps that you can start using on your G-Box. Any other box out there wanna compete with that? *crickets*

4. Supports Amazon Prime Apps and Video

Amazon PrimeDon’t want to miss out on your Amazon Prime content? No problem. Just hook up a mouse and the G-Box Q² fully supports Amazon Prime. Now you can get the best of the open eco-system of Android along with your Amazon Prime content, without having to use multiple devices!

5. Unrivaled performance for video and gaming

GamingG-Box Q² is capable of delivering the highest Ultra HD resolutions without breaking a sweat thanks to the powerful integrated Mali-450 Octocore GPU. Whether you’re playing your favorite Android 3D game, watching a cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD movie or streaming your favorite TV epiosdes, the G-Box Q² is up to the task.

6.  High performance CPU for power-hungry apps

Feed Hungry AppsG-Box Q² employs a highly optimized version of the Amlogic s812 Quad Core processor, providing the smoothest Android 5 UI and gaming experience possible. G-Box is the only device on the market with direct support from Amlogic, giving it cutting edge technology advances over any other product employing similar processor technology.

7. Top-notch media performance

KodiThe G-Box Q is specially tailored to include features and codec compatibilities that allow it to outperform any other set-top boxes on the market, making it the best Android TV box for Kodi streaming and media playback. Kodi has hundreds of popular add-ons to let you watch TV for free, stream free movies on demand and so much more. G-Box Q is the only set-top box that is specially designed to be 100% compatible with Kodi and XBMC.

8. Ultra-HD Resolutions delivered to your TV

HD VideoThe future of Ultra High Definition is coming soon and the G-Box Q² is equipped with the power to enjoy it today. When you’re ready to watch the next generation of 4K movies for free you’ll be happy to know that the G-Box Q² will be ready to play these for you without breaking a sweat.

9. H.265 ready means you’re ready for the future

High TechThe G-Box Q has been upgraded to support H.265, which is the latest in compression technology for high definition video content. This new format is capable of delivering higher resolutions with less bandwidth, making it the leading compression method available for streaming video.

10. Watch movies in stunning 3D on your TV

3DHave a 3D TV? Great! The G-Box Q is ready to deliver crisp, amazing, vivid 3D video content to your TV via Kodi media center. Watch your favorite movies the way they were intended.

So, what are you waiting for?  In the meantime, let me get back to my bender of the classic Twilight Zone…


BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media

Baby Boomers TOTALLY Know Tech!

Don’t be fooled, parents and grandparents know way more about tech than many millennials!  Just because they don’t text at the speed of light, does not mean they are not rockin’ it.  We have met many Baby Boomers who have a deep desire to be savvy and knowledgeable with tech gadgets – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessibility to movies & tv shows.  This week, we met a couple from Minnesota who blew us away with their gadgets.  Not to mention, their people skills are second to none.  After spending less than three hours together, we have said, “BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!”

Before we get into Streaming Media, let’s get an idea where it fits in.  Right now, consumers mostly get their television and movies from various sources:  basic cable, premium cable channels, satellite providers, digital cable, and don’t forget the old-fashioned antenna on the house too!  With the exception of the antenna on the house, the other options carry fees for accessibility.  In many cases, SIGNIFICANT fees.  By the time you compile your services, sign up for a ‘package,’ then have taxes and fees…most households are paying over $100 a month for service.  Several households are paying closer to $200 a month for their television and related services.  Surely you have noticed fees keep increasing as well, and with static incomes, something has gotta give.  Again, excited to talk more about BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!

Ok, so what the heck is Streaming Media you ask…Streaming Media (such as G-Box Q List )is video and audio that is sent over the internet and can be played immediately.  In plain English:  If you have TV shows or movies you want to watch, you do not need to get cable, go to a movie theater or subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, you can do it ALL on your television!  Yes, you read that right – sit back in your recliner and enjoy any show you want to see.  Silent pictures from the 20’s & 30’s, Classic Disney, or the current season of Mountain Monsters. Its all just a click or few away!  Yep – BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media is about to happen!

Q:Why is the Matricom G-Box Q is PERFECT for RVers?

A: When on the road, you can stream your favorite shows from your library – and episodes are added right after they are aired.  PLUS, there are 2 USB ports.  One for a wireless mouse or keyboard and use the other one for an external flash drive.  (Download your shows/movies to watch when there is NO INTERNET available.)  The USB feature was the icing on the cake for us!

Let us introduce you to Russ & Bernie.  They are saving people THOUSANDS of dollars and providing MILLIONS of smiles with their passion and interest in movies and television programming.  Russ and Bernie introduced us to Streaming Media this week and we are hooked!  (Luckily, the weather is frigid so we are stuck inside on the couch!)  Honestly, there is not enough time in the day or minutes in our lives to watch what is available online.  Fortunately with the expertise of Russ and Bernie, we spent just a few hours, invested under $200 and voila!  Called DISH and said BYE BYE Satellite and HELLO Streaming Media!

As I am typing this – Sparky just finished watching Santa Claus The Movie and now has found Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roast, the entire collection, too.  (This is sold by TimeLife for $249!)

What Russ and Bernie shared is the Matricom G-Box Q.  It is a black box that can fit in your pocket and wherever you go.  RV, camper, beach house, neighbor’s, etc…all you need is access to the Internet.  Yep, that’s it – G Box and Internet – gets you access to the world of entertainment.  Now for the best part of this deal – the BEST part is Russ and Bernie.  “What do you mean?” you ask…

Matricom G Box - call Russ and Bernie @ 406-270-0855 or email to russelllamkin@yahoo.com

Matricom G-Box Q – call Russ and Bernie @ 406-270-0855 or russelllamkin@yahoo.com

Honestly, you can go to Amazon and get a Matricom G-Box Q for about $150.  With that $150, we could get the Matricom G-Box Q, basic instructions and HOURS of frustration, headaches and arguing with Sparky.  With that, we might be lucky to have access to a movie and some mediocre show or two.  HOWEVER, DO NOT BUY A G BOX FROM ANYWHERE BUT RUSS & BERNIE!!!  See, most of us do not have the skills or patience to hook this up and get it working right.  Russ and Bernie have been there and done that.  Not only did they configure it for us, they are just a phone call or text away for tech support.  Seriously!  These two are AWESOME!  PLUS, if you purchase the Matricom G-Box Q on Amazon, you have 30 days to return it.  If it stops working, and you bought it from Russ & Bernie, they will replace it with no questions asked.  So often, it is best to buy from a “Ma & Pa” then a big business.  Relationships matter and Russ & Bernie make you their priority!

If you are interested in learning more about the G Box, you can contact Russ & Bernie at:  406-270-0855 or russelllamkin@yahoo.com.  Let them know that RVingAround sent you!  Also, here are some add-ons that Russ and Bernie have recommended – just click on the pictures for ordering information:


Logitech wireless mouse

Logitech Wireless Mouse

logitech k400 plus keyboard

Logitech K 400 Plus Keyboard

Matricom G-Box Q

Matricom G-Box Q