Happy Workampers = Happy Campgrounds & Parks

Happy Workampers

When I was starting up my business I really found myself strapped for time, money and ability to get some specialized tasks completed.  The two years was spent mostly learning and doing with minimum to no income.  The time was not as happy as I had imagined.

My start up savings barely got me through.  Also, many people with specialized skills and interests are not interested in short term employment.  As time passed, I found myself looking for temp jobs to make ends meet however, as tempting as the paycheck is I no longer had the stomach to work in a ‘corporate world’ environment.

Finding A New Path

After a few months of applying for jobs and struggling to make ends meet, I stumbled upon Workamping.  The heavens opened and angels sing instantly.  This is what I have been looking for!  To keep traveling, meet new people, have time to expand my business endeavors and meet some ‘normal’ people – what a blessing.

Workampers are great people, and one thing for sure is that when you have Happy Workampers you also have Happy Parks & Campgrounds.

Value-Added Living as a Workamper

  • There is a regular income
  • Wardrobe of comfy clothes
  • Continue to build my businesses
  • Work remotely while also belonging to a team
  • Have an incredibly flexible schedule
  • Talk to my family more now than when I used to work in an office
  • Downsized my stuff
  • Plus discovering more of living life daily…

It’s All About the Happy People

The other benefit would be the people I meet and talk with daily.  From the initial phone contact to the actual meet and greet, amazing guests come from all over our glorious country.

There are some real characters as well.  Each Workamper has an interesting story and unique path that connects us together.  This crew reminds me of a time long ago when I was in college.  A lifetime of stories, laughs and memories are made every day we spend together.

Workamp Team at RVW Relaxing After Our Family Style Meal

Workamp Team at RVW Relaxing After Our Family Style Meal

This Workamp team really loves to smile and laugh.  We get along while not getting in each other’s business.  So much tolerance and joy when we are together.  The owners also purchase extra food from the vendors so that we can break bread together regularly.  These guys treat the guests and us workers like royalty.  They have our loyalty and each one of us will go the extra mile for these young brothers’ success.

Some Reflective Thoughts

Think about your adventures in Workamping.  Both Workampers and Owners/Managers.  Is everything as you expected?  Is there a synergy among everyone or is the team just punching the clock?  What are the strengths and passions of each Workamper and are you (Owner/Manager) tapping into this great resource?  The culture and climate of any organization directly correlates to your bottom line.  Just think how much more money you could be bringing in just by focusing on the happiness and wellbeing of your team.

QUESTION: How do you contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of your Workamping Team?